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  • Take your first 5 steps towards knee pain management

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    • How to relieve knee pain and maintain a busy lifestyle without further aggravating the injury

      Pain or discomfort in the knee can really put life on hold, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Many of us have had knee pain at some point from running, over-exertion during sports or just general wear and tear.

      Unlike shoulder, wrist or arm injuries where you can avoid the painful area, it can be a challenge to avoid putting weight on the knee in the average busy week.

      The PRICE method offers 5 steps to follow to alleviate knee pain and minimise the effects of immediate injury, speeding up the recovery process:

    • Protect

      When an injury to your knee occurs the first cause of action is to provide support to your knee. The support you choose is very important depending on the different level of support you are requiring. Futuro Brand have a range of products offering different levels of support for you to choose from.

    • Rest

      Get your feet up as soon as you can, whenever you can – especially in the crucial first 24 hours. Avoid anything strenuous and give the pain time to settle down and get the healing process started. Elevating the knee reduces swelling and gets you started on the road to recovery.

    • Ice therapy for knee pain

      Depending on the type of injury and whether inflammation is present or not, cold treatment can help reduce swelling. Cold treatment is best applied after you’ve been moving and have a chance to rest, as it can reduce inflammation, numb the area and decrease blood flow.

    • Compression

      According to NSMI compression reduces inflammation and swelling. Having the area around the knee pressed in tightly (but not too tight) can also encourage blood flow if you’ve been inactive.

    • Elevation

      Elevating the injured knee higher than your heart level can help reduce swelling. It’s a simple but highly effective way of getting your knee back to its full, load-bearing capacity.

      Be sure to consult a doctor or physiotherapist to learn about specific exercises you can do to rebuild strength in the knee. Always consult a medical professional if you’re not sure what’s right for you.